Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Hardwood Floor is right for me?

What type of flooring do I buy?  Can I afford hardwood floors?  What would work best in my home?Will these floors last?  Will my kids or dogs ruin them?  All of these are important questions other consumers in Charlotte, NC are asking when it comes to hardwood floors.

Main types of hardwood flooring materials are:

- Solid Wood Flooring:   solid hardwood floors all the way through, typically ¾” thick but available in a variety of thicknesses.  This is popular because solid floors can be resanded over and over again.   There is wide variety of species and can be stained to create different colors such as grey or white washed.  These are also available in prefinished.

- Engineered Wood Flooring: very stable product, generally layers of plywood and a wear layer of hardwood on top.  The thickness of the wear layer varies and a higher end floor will have a thicker wear layer.  Certain engineered products can be resanded. Can be unfinished or prefinished.

- Laminate Flooring: computer generated picture adhered to backer board.  It is a floating floor that is great for basements (concrete subfloors), and very scratch resistant.  Laminate can come in handscrapped to give a real hardwood affect.  Laminate is very sensitive to water.  Generally a more cost effective than other products.

Your first step to determine what flooring to install in your home is to call us for a free estimate!  We can help you answer all the questions that arise.  We are the professional so you don’t have to be!

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